VoL Exterior

Valley of our Lady Monastery

Prairie du Sac, WI – Religious Project

Valley of our Lady Monastery is home to a small group of Roman Catholic Nuns of the Cistercian Order. The Sisters live a simple life that focuses on prayer and work. The Monastery consists of private sleeping cells, kitchen, Refectory, office space, infirmary, Chapel, guest wing and Communion Wafer Workshop. The Communion Wafer Workshop is utilized to produce approximately 13 million communion wafers annually and is the main source of income. Located in the country the facility is designed to meet all current codes for a multi-tenant facility, and to support their sustainable lifestyle including minimal heating and cooling, rainwater harvesting, well water and solar power generation. A fire tank, fire pump and propane generator were designed to meet life safety requirements. Radiant electric heat and point of use electric heat was designed to primarily heat the occupant to minimize heating requirements within the spaces.